Mark making on thermal paper
Take a look at my Project on Issuu! > Diffusion - Bryoney Fawn.

Take a look at my Project on Issuu! > Diffusion - Bryoney Fawn.

Stitching into Paper

Wow was this hard work!

Stiched paper (detail) Bryoney Fawn

I have been looking at a lot of pieces which have a beautiful texture to the surface lately and wanted to add some of this to my work.


I stitched into the backing piece with long shaded stitches similar to the knits I have been experimenting with and then added some extremely fiddly french knots to the paper pieces which are added on top.

french knots on paper (detail) Bryoney Fawn

I really like the subtlety of…

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Swiss Darning

After experimenting a bit with knit, I took some time to add texture to my work using Swiss Darning, a technique which follows the original stitches of the knit to replace the colour.

Swiss Darning Bryoney Fawn

I used a thick yarn to build up the texture of the knitted piece, and also used some general shading stitches to add a different effect to the piece.

swiss darning2

Using a range of threads, textured, silk, fluffy, gives the…

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Working with Colour

Still in the process of developing my laser cut pieces I decided to add sections of colour to the work.


I used 3 different colours of blue card to show through in this white backed piece,


And 3 colours of red card in this black backed piece.

I really like the effect of this colour coming through behind the white work, and it works well with the tracing paper too. The different tones work well…

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My Prototype… I think.

My Prototype… I think.

After a meeting with my tutor, who advised me to begin making, I decided to make my prototype piece. Im not sure about it though, it turns out I don’t know much about actually making things!


I used a sheet of acetate and printed out a template cone to get the right shape


Then I added pieces of black card and tracing paper using pins and glue

Cone light

I imagined it to be hanging from the ceiling,…

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Fondue Night!

Taking a break from Universiry I invited some of the girls round to enjoy some cheese and wine.


Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the food was eaten!

In the fondue pot we added lots of cheddar (2 parts) and then 1 part greyere and 1 part emmental, accompanied by salad, potatoes, chillis meat and lots of bread!

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Constructing Shapes

After my Tutor set me a challenge of constructing 26 ‘shapes’ within one week which could be used toward my lighting ideas I have been really struggling with my project and it has taken me about 3 weeks to become a little more unstuck.


I began the week making various cylindrical shapes


and then moved on to more organic shapes


I found it really hard to make things which I could see how to turn…

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Squishy Circuits

Squishy Circuits

We had a session in University today where we made our own conductive playdoh and used this to create a circuit.


You start out with all the ingredients in a pan


Heat on a medium heat until it forms a dough…


Knead it out to the right consistency…


And then start creating! I made a parrallel circuit…


a teeny tiny circuit


Somebody made a bike!


And then I made this thing, which I said was a…

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Today I tidied my desk and made a video from it…

We learnt how to ‘tween’ on photoshop in CAD the other week so I thought I would put my skills to good use and make a video when I eventually tidied my desk.